Cable Solutions
Automotive cables
This set of cables are designed to meet the current expectations of safety, comfort and economy in automobile manufacture. In modern cars, there is a continually increasing number of electric and electronic monitoring and control systems that demand a large amount of wiring. A new range of cables and wires have been developed by Cable Solutions suited for use in modern cars in terms of light weight, superior performance and high efficiency.

Technical Data

Conductor sizes 0.3 to 10 sq mm 20 AWG to 8 AWG
Insulation resistance > 100 MΩ /km
Operating voltage 60 V (Low voltage)
Testing voltage 3000 V at rms 50 Hz 1 min
Salient Features
  • Bare or tinned copper, sizes up to 50 sq. mm.
  • Insulation of PVC/XLPE/TPE.
  • Jacket of PVC/TPR/TPU.
  • Both thick and thin walled.
  • Abrasion and fuel resistance.
  • High flex life.
  • Choice of colors for base and stripes.
  • A range of primary wires, battery cables and multiconductor cables.
  • Conforms to ISO6722 , SAE 1018, JASO or DIN Standards.
  • RoHS compliant.