Cable Solutions
Coaxial Cables
A wide range of standard coaxial cables to RG military specifications are available in different sizes, materials and shield constructions.

Areas of application
  • For transmission of high frequency signals in communication equipment and control systems.

Technical Data

Cable impedence 50/75Ω
Insulation resistance ≥ 1000 MΩ /km
Service temperature -40 OC to 80 OC
Attenuation Low at high frequencies (upto 2 GHz)
Operating voltage Up to 5000 V
Salient Features
  • The coaxial cables are available with the following specifications:
    • Copper
      solid or stranded conductor (Cu, CCS or CCA)
    • Insulation
      Foam or solid PE
    • Jacket material
      PVC or PE (suitable for outdoor use)
    • Shield
      Copper/aluminium braid or laminated Aluminium tape or foil over braid
  • Standard cables are RG 8, RG 59, RG 174, RG 213, RG 214 and RG 185.
  • Special cables can be designed and supplied to custom specifications.