Cable Solutions
Composite cables
These are customized cables in which conductors of different gauges and types are assembled under one sheath. In instrumentation cables and data/signal cables, combining different gauges of conductors, unscreened and screened elements and sometimes the power conductors, minimize the cable inventory as well as the space required for wiring. :

Technical Data
(Coaxial element)

No. of coaxials 1
Conductor resistance ≥75 MΩ /km
Characteristic impedence <75±5MΩ
Capacitance 72 pF/m
Dielectric strength (HV) 1000V AC/mt

Technical Data

Operating voltage 0.75 mm2 0.25 mm2 0.75 mm2
No. of pairs 1 3 2
Conductor resistance (Ω/km) <26 <75 <140
Insulation resistance 20 MΩ/km
Dielectric strength (HV) 1kV /mt