Cable Solutions
Customisation The demands placed on us by our customers are the drivers for delivering superior quality and reliable performance. In order to fulfill these demands faithfully we have developed a process methodology derived from hands-on experience in meeting the expectations of our customers. This involves the following stages:
  • Stage 1- Identifying the need: Cable Solutions performs an in-depth analysis of the customer specifications to identify the need for a custom cable solution. This would also include the nature of environment where the solution is going to be implemented. The idea is to reach absolute clarity in the specifics of customization.
  • Stage 2- Solution design: Custom solutions are designed from scratch using state-of-the-art CAD technology.
  • Stage 3- Review: The design parameters and prototypes are presented for review to the customer and the design solution is finalized for production.
  • Stage 4- Planning: A time schedule and a tentative estimation of the costs of the project is made in consultation with the customer. Lead times and minimum order quantities are set at this stage.
  • Stage 5- Production: The project is put on production, continuously monitored by the Quality Assurance team to ensure that the finished product conforms to the quality specifications agreed upon.
Custom design
The following design requirements can be incorporated in the specific type of cables as per customer’s requirement:
  • Thermoplastic sheath
  • Water blocking tape and mechanical protection
  • Steel wire armour
  • Braided armour
  • High temperature (TEFLON) insulation and sheath
  • Halogen free compounds
  • Fire resistant construction
  • Low smoke and fume materials
  • High and low temperature resistant materials.