Cable Solutions
Instrumentation Cables
Generally used in industrial processes, voice and data transmission, interconnection of electrical equipment and instruments where transducer generated signals are transmitted. The instrumentation cables ensure transmission of signals with minimum distortion and are designed to perform even in harsh environments.

Areas of application
  • Process control
  • Fire alarm system
  • Industrial electronics
  • Refineries

Technical Data

Insulation resistance > 100 MΩ /km
Operating voltage 300 V/600 V
Testing voltage 2000 V at rms 50 Hz 1 min
Service temperature range -60°C to 105°C
Salient Features
  • Conductors of bare/tinned copper, stranded/flexible, size 0.14 sq. mm to 2.5 sq. mm and AWG sizes.
  • Insulation of PE/PVC/XLPE/TPE.
  • Cable jacket PVC/PU/TPE.
  • Cable elements of singles/pairs/triads.
  • Individual and/or collective shield.
  • Can be made in accordance with BS 5608/5308. IEC189, VDE 0185 or any other standards.