Cable Solutions


Cable Solutions is a company that has set itself the mission to deliver high-quality customised cables to match specific needs to customers worldwide.

Cable Solutions has its production centres in Sri Lanka and India. The main production facility is in Sri Lanka and is located in Flinth Industrial Park, a state-of-the-art industrial environment set up by Swedcord Development, Sweden.

Our winning combination of technical talent, time-tested processes, and customer orientation ensures the quality and timely delivery that customers expect from Cable Solutions.


The manufacturing facilities are equipped with:

  • NIEHOFF Electroplating plants for tin plating of copper wires.
  • NIEHOFF fine wire drawing machine with in-line annealer for producing various sizes of copper wires.
  • High speed double twist bunchers for manufacturing high quality bunched conductors for various cables.
  • Thermoplastic extrusion lines capable of extruding different polymers fitted with in-line, laser operated diameter controllers.
  • Cable twisting machines, wire braiding machines and rewinding machines for auxiliary processes.
Why Cable Solutions?
A consistent focus on the market, an in-depth industry and domain knowledge, a team of experienced technicians, engineers and managers and a range of innovative products enable Cable Solutions to deliver high-performance cables, either custom made or ready-made to meet customer requirements.