Cable Solutions

One of the major concerns of Cable Solutions is the quality of the end product which is a constant priority. In the manufacturing process, we have built in test equipment that constantly measure, monitor and control the diameter and the properties of the insulation of our cables and conductors that roll out of the production line. We conduct regular tests on random samples to ensure that the stipulated tolerance levels are consistently maintained.

Our strict material specifications and control on all raw materials, parts and consumables used in the manufacture ensure compliance to relevant standards including RoHS regulations. We also follow specific customer approved quality plans in various stages of manufacture.

Our Quality Lab is equipped with highly sophisticated testing equipment and methods for testing the electrical, mechanical and chemical properties of our cables. We follow a 3-tier quality assurance plan which covers monitoring of quality starting from raw material stage (IQC inspection) in-process stage (IPQC) and till final testing of cables (FQC inspection).

Upon customer request, we have our products certified to national and international standards by well-known certifying institutions.

International Quality
The following design requirements can be incorporated in the specific type of cables as per customer’s requirement:
  • The behaviour of the cable and conductors under extreme temperature conditions.
  • Operational reliability after artificially-induced aging resistance to environmental stresses.
  • Jacket and insulation resistance to elongation, abrasion and tensile strength.
  • Mechanical and electrical properties of the conductor, flex life, resistance to torsion and vibration.