We are a specialist manufacturer of cables, wires, and harnesses for virtually all the segments in international electronics markets.

Why Choose Cable Solutions?

With deep expertise in the cable industry, a keen market focus, and a track record of product innovation, the Company has the capability to deliver high-performing cables to customers around the globe.

The team specializes in designing superior performance cables tailored to specific applications, including extreme temperatures, confined spaces, chemical, oil, abrasion, harsh environmental resistance, high performance flex / torsion, and more.

A wide range of cable configurations is on offer. This includes single and multiple, pair and triple, shielded and unshielded, braided or armored conductors with insulation and jacketing as per customer specifications. The expertise also extends to creating hybrid designs integrating a variety of features.

The Company is able to accept orders for small volumes of custom-made cables (depending on sizes) and can deliver a wide range of cables from bare conductors to specialty cables for the weighing industry as well as for the automotive, instrumentation, signal, telecom, marine, electronics, and robotics industries.

The manufacturing facilities, based in areas with favorable cost advantages, allow competitive pricing while maintaining the commitment to the high quality standards of the Swedish traditions


Our cables can be custom-made to your exacting specifications to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

Our Capabilities

Cable Solutions manufacturing facility in Sri Lanka, is fully equipped with world class machinery manned by a team of expert engineers and technicians geared to deliver high-performance cables, either custom-made or ready-made to meet customer requirements.

Electroplating plant

Electroplating plant for tin plating of copper wires, designed and supplied by NIEHOFF, Germany, world leaders in wire technology.

Fine Wire Drawing

NIEHOFF and De’Angeli fine wire drawing machines with in-line annealer for producing copper wires of different sizes.

Double Twist Bunchers

High speed double twist bunchers for manufacturing high quality bunched conductors for various cables.

High-temperature Cables

Thermoplastic extrusion lines including state-of-the-art Teflon extruder for high-temperature cables.
Teflon Extrusion


Multiwire Drawing

Komax Gamma
Kappa 330

Product Range

Audio Control & Instrumentation

Coaxial Cables

EV Charging Cables

Load Cell/Weighing/Sensor Cables

UL Listed Cable

Automotive Cables

Communication / Data / Telephone Cables

Fire/Fire Alarm Cables

Solar Cables (PV)

BMS Cables

Composite/Hybrid Cables

High Temperature Cables

Switch Gear/Power/General Wiring Cables

Guaranteed Quality

Cable Solutions follows a well-established Quality Management System which is certified under ISO 9001& ISO 14001 standards. A three tier quality assurance plan which covers monitoring of quality starting from the raw material stage, in-process stage, and the final testing of cables ensures absolute conformity to quality standards

In the manufacturing process, in-line test equipment constantly measures, monitors, and controls the diameter and properties of the insulation of the cables and conductors that roll out of the production line. The stringent material specifications and control on all raw materials, parts, and consumables used in manufacturing ensure compliance to relevant standards including RoHS and REACH regulations.


Great Customer service is an essential part of our business and is at the core of what we offer.

Here is how you can connect with us for support.

About Cable Solutions

Cable Solutions is a specialist manufacturer of Käblr brand of cables, wires, and harnesses for virtually all segments of international electronics markets. Cable Solutions is advantageously located at Kadawatha, Sri Lanka, in an eco-friendly environment that attracts the best engineers and techies. It is part of an industrial community of high-tech companies, and is housed in an ISO 14001-compliant modern building that provides the best possible ambiance for production, as also for our employees and visiting customers.

Awards & Distinctions

International Innovation Award for Improved Connector.

Innomark Award for Improved Connector

Best Supplier Award from Vishay Precision Transducer India Pvt. Ltd.

Cable Solutions Worldwide

We export our high quality cables and harnesses to USA, China, Japan, Germany, India, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Singapore, Sweden and Maldives.

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