Bespoke Cables

Perfection, made to order.

Why Customized Cables?

Custom made cables offer superior performance since they are customized to specific application parameters such as enhanced temperature, confined spaces, chemical resistance, abrasion and so on as defined by customers.
  • Custom-made cables can be ordered in quantities as low as 1000 mtrs.
  • Though in most cases, custom-manufacturing offers the ideal practical solution, in all other cases customers can rely on our high performance ready-to-ship range of cables manufactured by Cable Solutions.
  • Cable Solutions product portfolio ranges from bare conductors to complex specialty cables for industrial and marine applications, electronics, and robotics.

Cables can be manufactured conforming to CE, UL and other international standards as per customer requirement.

The Customization Process

Stage 1 - Identifying the need:
Cable Solutions performs an in-depth analysis of the customer specifications to identify the need for a customised cable solution. This would also include the nature of environment where the cable is going to be used. The idea is to reach absolute clarity in the specifics of customization.

Stage 2 - Solution design:
Custom solutions are designed from scratch using state-of-the-art CAD technology.

Stage 3 - Review:
The design parameters and prototypes are presented for review to the customer and the design solution is finalized for production.

Stage 4 - Planning
A time schedule and a tentative estimation of the material and costs of the project is made in consultation with the customer.

Stage 5 - Production
The project is put on production, continuously monitored by the Quality Assurance team to ensure that the finished product conforms to the quality specifications required.
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