Industry wise product range of cable solutions

Machines and Plant Construction

Cables for

Complex industrial manufacturing equipment require cables that provide a high level of performance and flexibility in use. Käblr cables are available in a wide range of standard specifications as well as customized to suit the specific needs of customers.

Some of the cables for this application are:
  • Multicore screened/unscreened cables for medium mechanical stresses with free movement for measurement, control and automation.
  • Power cables of rugged construction for reliability and harsh environments
  • Cables conform to IEC, EN, UL standards. Customization to specific requirements

Building Management System

Cables for

Käblr for use in and buildings and structures for following applications:
  • Fire alarm and fire detection, water alert and security
  • Emergency lighting circuits
  • Circuit integrity cables
  • Climatic control
  • Automation and intelligent control
  • Cables as per BS, IEC, EN standards. Customization to specific requirements

Steel Industry

Cables for

Control and Power Cables resistant to high heat, oil, welding splatter, abrasion and mechanical stress and the effects of harsh environments in steel plants.

Electrical / Electronic Control Cabinet Industry

Cables for

Käblr for internal wiring of electrical and electronic panels used in Industrial machinery, power distribution and control and similar uses.
  • Switch gear cables – Power and control for LV and MV
  • Jumper wires
  • Ethernet cables
  • Telephone cables
  • Cables conform to BS, IEC, EN , TIA standards. Customization to specific requirements

Automotive Industry

Cables for

We work with leading automobile manufacturers as well as Wiring Harness manufacturers to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for cables and wires.
  • The Käblr range of automotive cables and wires include Low voltage cables for motor vehicles, high voltage and high temperature cables, spiralled multi-conductor cables, communication cables, battery cables and cable assemblies for automotive circuits.
  • Keeping in view the growing E-Mobility market, we offer EV (Electric Vehicle) cables andEV charging cables.
  • Cables conform to ISO, IEC, SAE, EN , JIS and UL. Customization to specific requirements

Food Processing, Dairy and Beverage Industry

Cables for

The cables for these industries demand strict compliance to standards defined for ensuring hygiene and intense quality control measures. They also have to abide by the respective laws and regulations and food safety standards.

For these special environments, Käblr cables are provided with an antimicrobial outer sheath. The specially formulated insulation material helps prevent contamination and bacterial growth.

These cables are resistant to all standard detergents used during the cleaning process to maintain proper hygiene.

For the processing and packaging machinery used in the food and beverage industry, we offer a wide range of control cables and power supply cables. Each of the cable components is resistant to the chemical, thermal and physical stresses that lead to degradation, in order to ensure reliable, efficient performance.

Oil, Gas and Chemical Industry

Cables for

Käblr wires and cables manufactured specifically for the oil and gas industry are designed to withstand the effects of harsh environments. As the reliability of the wires and cables are extremely important, adequate care is taken to ensure optimum performance.

Whether the requirement is for a standard wire or cable or a custom designed product, Käblr has an appropriate solution to meet the following requirement.
  • Power Cables
  • Control and Instrumentation Cables
  • Marine Wire/Cables
  • Coaxial/RF Signal Assemblies
  • Process Control Cables
Käblr includes products and solutions for offshore projects on drilling platforms, ships or production platforms, as well as for onshore projects in refineries and petrochemical plants.

Industrial Motors and Drives

Cables for

Käblr offers a wide portfolio of cables for motor and drive applications ranging from flexible motor supply cables for less demanding applications to VFD cables that meet stringent performance requirements.

Reliable motors and drives require the right cable to deliver optimum performance. The demands placed on the cables in precisely controlling a motor’s speed and torque can stress the cable, resulting in improper motor control or complete system failure. Käblr cables are designed to perform under such stringent conditions.
  • Pressure-extruded cross-linked polyethylene insulation and symmetrical cable geometry combine to provide the electrical characteristics required for precise control and long life
  • Flexible composite servo cable with power/ground individually shielded pairs for brake or temperature control.

Automation Technology Industry

Cables for

As cables can be the decisive components in the optimization of automation processes, we can partner with you to develop and produce cables and cable assemblies of any level of complexity that suits your requirement.

Käblr includes products suited for application in the following areas:
  • Motor, Servo, Feedback and Hybrid Cables (One Cable Technology)
  • Robot Cables
  • Data and Bus Cables
  • Industrial Ethernet Cables
  • Customized jacket colour/printing for small batch quantities or large series can be delivered.

Renewable Energy Industry

Cables for

We promote the generation, transmission and distribution of renewable forms of energy with cables designed for these applications perfectly adapted to the diverse conditions of these industries.
  • Wind Power cables
We offer optimal solutions for onshore and offshore wind turbines as well as for the infrastructure cabling of wind farms. Käblr product range includes low-voltage and medium-voltage cables with copper conductors, twistable cables, data and network cables.
  • Photovoltaic Cables
Important to photovoltaic systems is the safe and long-lasting cabling of the individual modules as well as the cabling of the elements with the inverter. The cables also have to be equipped to combat occasional extreme weather conditions outdoors. Käblr cables are provided with special sheathing and insulating materials which are flame retardant, halogen-free, and resistant to ozone, UV, acids and alkalies, hydrolysis, ammonia and rodents.

These cables are TUV certified in conforms to EN standards

Railway Rolling Stock Power and Control

Cables for

Rolling stock cables used in moving vehicles across railway, metro and underground rail infrastructures for power, control, communications, heating and ventilation inside the vehicles.

Käblr offers innovative solutions and current technologies to overcome challenges faced in the continuously-evolving rail and mass transit applications.

Käblr includes:
  • General-purpose control wiring
  • Cab control and HVAC system cables
  • Speed sensor control, train line control and interconnect cables
  • Interior on-car body signal, power, control and communications wiring.
  • Applicable standards : EN 50264, EN-50306. Customization to specific requirements

Process Industry

Cables for

Käblr inludes the following types of cables for the process industry:
  • Instrumentation cables / Instrumentation control cables
  • Thermocouple cables
  • Low & Medium Voltage cables
  • Flexible Control cables / electronic cables
  • Hybrid cables
  • Submersible Pump Cables. Both round and flat construction in 2, 3 and 4 cores are available.
  • Cables are designed and tested as per IEC, EN, BS, AZ/NSZ, VDE standards. Customization to specific requirements

Shipboard and Marine Operations

Cables for

Shipboard cables used for safe electrical wiring within the interiors of the watercraft as well as offshore platforms. These watercrafts may include boats, submarines, yachts, ships, as well as vessels.

Normal electrical cables can’t survive in the harsh marine environment. They have to withstand extreme temperatures, the corrosive effects of salt in the water, the moisture of the water itself, and oils. They must be flame/fire resistant and halogen free.
Käblr includes the following types of Shipboard and marine cables:
  • Control system cables
  • Communication cables
  • Instrumentation and power transmission cables
  • Floating/buoyant communication cables
  • Cables are manufactured to IEC , Defence standards. Customization to specific requirements

Weighing Machine Industry

Cables for

Käblr includes cables for all types of Load cells, sensors and weighing machines including Weighing bridges.
  • Specially made to customer specifications meeting the accuracy and performance requirement of the customer
  • Several types and versions such as 4-conductor/6-conductor, protective shield armour, rodent protection can be cutomized to specific requirement.
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