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In addition to the customized cables made to order against specific customer requirements, Cable Solutions offers a wide range of high-performance standardized cables for a variety of industrial uses.

Cable Harnesses

Cable Solutions also specializes in the manufacture of harnesses for the international electronics/electrical markets. The current portfolio includes harnesses for the following applications:

  • Alarm and safety systems
  • Audio and video products
  • Cars, trains and other vehicles
  • Computers and computer networks
  • Electronic scales and instruments
  • Home appliances
  • Machines of all kinds
  • Medical equipment
  • Production control systems

Superior quality of the harnesses is ensured by using the right material, the right tools and strictly following a ISO 9001 approved quality assurance system. The quality is bred into the products and verified by adequate testing. The advantage of having an in-house supply of cables, the core component in harness manufacture, reflects in the delivery of the products. Cable Solutions assists its customers in customizing harnesses to their specific requirements. A team of engineers and experts who can advise the customers on the choice of material and the design of the harnesses required is always available at their disposal.

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